Tru Vue Uv Conservation Clear and Museum Glass








Which glass is in your frame?

In the above images we show you what happens to photographs when they are framed with regular glass, and with Tru Vue Uv Conservation Clear and Museum Glass.

The images on the right show what happens when photographs or prints or anything you want to preserve is framed using Tru Vue Uv Conservation Clear and Museum Glass, they are undamaged by light and are preserved.

The images on the left are framed with regular clear glass and are damaged by uv light and have faded.

Most people don’t realise the importance of the glass in their frames. Regular glass or regular non glare glass offer no protection to photographs or artwork and the images will be damaged by light over time. If you are going to frame something, frame it to last.

The next time you are getting anything framed, ask for either Tru Vue Uv Conservation Clear Glass and or Museum Glass here at Thomas Street Framing Centre.

We stock three types of Specialised Glass; Tru Vue Museum Glass , Uv Conservation Clear Glass and Ultra View Glass. We will advise which glass is needed for your photograph, print, painting etc.