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At Thomas Street Framing Centre we are passionate about framing.

Every item brought in for framing by our customers is given great care and attention by us.
We frame right here in Thomas Street, we don’t out-source.
Every frame is designed by us to suit our customers individual tastes, to suit their homes, offices, schools and factories.
We know that whatever is brought in to us for framing is of great value, either monetary or sentimental or both to our customers and we treat it so.

We have over 50 years framing experience between us.
Donal O Mahoney is the owner and a picture framer with 35 years experience and Denis McInerney GCF who works for Donal has 25 years framing experience.

A frame should enhance what is inside but that’s not its only purpose. A frame should also protect what’s inside.
At Thomas Street Framing Centre we frame to conservation standard and museum standard when appropriate.
We want your item to look well and be protected too.

We have over 200 frames samples, and a variety of coloured mount boards to choose from. We stock, White core, Conservation and Museum Mount Board. We stock UV Glass.

We don’t use masking tape or selo tape, we use PH 70 tape and Conservation Gummed Tape which will not harm the item.

Items we have framed, medals, photos, prints, paintings, baby clothes, embroidery, saddles, we even framed a shotgun one time, almost anything can be framed.

So whatever it is you need framing you can trust us at Thomas Street Framing Centre to frame it for you.