Inside the Frame

If you have recently got something custom framed you are well aware that it costs more than buying a do it yourself readymade frame.
So what makes a custom frame different?
Firstly, it’s the framer.
A qualified framer is an expert, at least he should be. You are paying him to do the work for you and advise you on the best way and most suitable way to frame your item, taking into account your tastes and room decor.
Secondly, it’s the frame.
In our frame store our moulding range is mostly made up of Italian and Spanish manufacturers, renowned for their quality and style.
Thirdly, inside the frame is different.
A frame should look well but it should also protect what is inside. This is where custom framing makes the difference. A custom frame is designed to look well but also protect. Inside a custom frame you should find six layers, starting from the back:

Hooks & Cord  Back Board   Barrier & Art  Mount Board. Glass
Hooks and cordBacking Board SecuredHinged to Barrier BoardQuadruple MountGlass






Complete Custom Frame

Framed WatercolourIf the photo or artwork requires conservation framing then the barrier board, mount board and glass should be of conservation standard quality.
The photo or artwork should only be hinged with acid free gummed paper. Selotape should never be used and in our frame store we never use selotape in our custom frames.
In conclusion a custom frame is made to last, to look great and enhance the photo or artwork and so it is worth that little bit extra.


Next time your thinking of getting something frame try a custom frame you won’t regret it.