Object Box Framing


Brand New Framing for Objects for 2016


Bubble FrameWe have been framing objects in box frames for years.

But one of the problems that often occurs is the depth the frame has to be to house the object. It becomes bulky and difficult to hang on the wall.

This new framing concept solves this problem. Instead of having a bulky box at the back, this new idea has persex to the front and curves around the object.

The advantage is that it lies flat on the wall. It really looks fantastic.

You have to see it to really appreciate how great it is!

It is ideal for football boots, boxing gloves, caps etc.

Come in and have a look.

Bubble Frame

A lot of objects which most of us put away in a drawer or under the bed, oftentimes go missing or get damaged over time and Object Box Framing is a great way to protect, preserve and display your prized objects.

Maybe you have objects you need to be framed?

Check our Gallery for more examples!