Picture Glass options @ the framing centre

Artglass AR99

Which glass should you use in your frame?

We stock Standard Picture Glass, diffused glass and plexi glass which for years were the standard on all picture frames but now though still used as a glazing option these are not recommended for protecting items of monetary or sentimental value, as they offer no protection from harmful UV light. Many valuable photographs, prints, and paintings on paper have been damaged irreversibly because the glazing had no protection. Standard glass and plexi can be used on items that can be replaced, items of little value, items for decor only which have no monetary or sentimental value to the customer. 

Thankfully these days the framing industry has better glazing options to offer customers, glass which protects and @theframingcentre.ie we offer three more glazing options to our customers.

At the Framing Centre we stock 3 Different types of Uv Glass. Please click on the links to see more detailed informationon each glass.

  • Museum Glass AR99% Uv Protection and Anti Reflective (virtually invisible glass) Used on any item of high value. Used on prints, photographs, fabric, watercolours, pastels, oil paintings etc
  • Artglass 99% Uv Protection. As above. Used on prints, photographs, fabric, watercolours, pastels, etc
  • Art Glass 70% Uv Protection and Anti Reflective (virtually invisible glass) used on prints, box framing, photographs, oil paintings.

Most people don’t realise the importance of the glass in their frames. Picture frames that are bought off the shelf will only have regular glass or diffused glass which offers no protection to photographs or artwork and the images will be damaged by light over time. At the Framing Centre we can supply all our customers framing with UV glass options, glazing that protects.

 If you are framing something of value, sentimental or monetary, use one of the three Uv glass types to preserve it for future generations!

If you are going to frame something, frame it to last!