The Mountboard Question


If you have ever got anything framed with us, you would have been encouraged to have your item mounted. We would recommend either single, double or even triple mount with varying widths, 4cm, 5cm or 10cm, whatever would be required to show off the image to its full potential.

There are three good reasons for having your image mounted.

Firstly, to keep it away from the glass. If a photo for instance is up against the glass it can stick to it and we have encountered this problem a few times over the years, the photo is stuck and cannot be removed without doing damage to it. A pastel for instance needs at least a double mount to avoid the image transferring onto the glass.

Secondly, to enhance the image by giving it space to breathe, 4cm, 5cm , 8,9, 10cm of white, black, red etc  or whatever colour is required to do it. This makes the whole framed piece a feature in any room.

Thirdly, the mount is there to protect the image, providing it is of conservation quality or museum quality. These boards will not cause any brown acid stains which a lot of pictures contain because of lesser quality boards. A framed picture can remain in great condition for years and still look great if framed properly.

I hope this helps answer the Mountboard Question!