UV Conservation Clear Glass

“Did you Know” item is about UV Conservation Clear Glass.

UV Conservation Clear Glass

We recently had to take out some old photos from frames to get them enhanced and copied so to put them back up on the wall looking as good as new. But, the only problem was some of the photos had faded so much you could hardly recognise the faces of the people in them. These photos had been hanging in an area which exposed them to sunlight and over time they had faded to such a degree that the images had nearly disappeared completely. The photos were the only copies and might have been lost forever, but hopefully they can be enhanced.

So how can this sort of damage be prevented from happening? The only way to prevent it from happening is to keep them in a dark box and not expose them at all. But if we did this, our walls would have no photos of family, friends, and important events displayed. So what can be done?

This is where UV Conservation Clear Glass comes in. It is designed to slow down this fading that occurs to photos, prints paintings etc. Using you UV Conservation Clear Glass can preserve your precious memories for years to come, for the next generation and not have them bringing the framed photos into a framing shop hoping to have them enhanced because of fading.

It must also be noted that even when you frame using UV Conservation Clear Glass you still need to be careful not to expose your framed pictures to direct sunlight. By using UV Conservation Clear Glass you’re also protecting your pictures from natural light and florescent light in your home. The moment you hang a picture it is exposed to fading and damage but UV Conservation Clear Glass is the solution to this.

It will cost more than standard and non-reflective glass but it is definitely worth the extra. A frame 12X10 (30.5X25.4) costing €25 for standard glass would cost you €38 using UV Conservation Clear Glass.

Denis McInerney GCF