About Us

About us

The Framing Centre has been operating a bespoke framing service in Limerick since early 1970. Every frame is designed by us to suit our customer’s individual tastes, and also to suit their environments, whether it is a home, an office, a school or a business.

Every item brought in for framing to us, is given great care and attention, so that it is framed in the best way possible, using the correct framing methods for that particular item. The team is made up of Donal O Mahoney (owner) and Denis McInerney GCF (APF)

We know that whatever is brought in to us for framing is of great value, either monetary or sentimental to our customers and we treat it so.

We also offer an online picture framing service.

The Framing Centre is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and we frame to their framing standards which are recognised worldwide.

Our framing shop is located at 15 Anne Street Limerick.