Canvas Framing

We frame canvases

We frame canvases in many different ways.

If your canvas is rolled up, it first needs to be stretched, i.e., wrapped around what is known as a stretcher frame. We have two types, a 22mm deep and a 38mm deep stretcher frame.

When the canvas is on the stretcher frame, we can then frame it.

We can frame your canvas in many different ways, according to whatever style you like.

A lot of canvases are currently framed in floater frames. Floater frames allow the sides of the canvas to be visible. This style is very nice and we have a range of floater frames for you to choose from.

We also frame canvases the traditional way using a single large frame or using multiple frames, which give a sense of depth, drawing your eye into the painting.

On original paintings on canvas, we use zinc covered tacks to attach the canvas to the stretcher frame.

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